TFT-LCD: What is it?

Production Process


- The front-end Array process is similar to that for semiconductors, the only difference being that the thin-film transistors are placed on the glass substrate, not on the silicon wafer.


- The Cell process fits the Array substrate to a color-filter substrate; liquid crystal is then inserted between the two substrate layers.

後Back-end Module Assembly

- Back-end Module Assembly involves taking the panel from the Cell process and bonding the LCD driver IC, and assembling backlights, metal frame and other components to make the finished product


Functions of Polarizer

Polarizer is a device to polarize the light, which means a specific oscillation direction of light is blocked and allow only the orthogonal direction of light to pass.

Structure of Polarizer

A common structure of polarizer sheet is composed of several plastic layers, which includes polymer like PVA, PET, TAC, COP, PSA, etc. An example structure is shown as figure.


Polarizer Structure

Polarizing sheet material composition and its functions

Polarizer Properties